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We are ready to make a memorable fishing adventure!!

We offer fishing in the region of Mequinenza (River Ebro) and the Columbretes Islands. These places are real paradises for lovers of fishing. Their waters hold such species as black bass, catfish, pike, zander (walleye family), and carp.


Reservoirs of Ribarroja

The Ebro´s fantastic catfish fishing attracts our guests from all over Europe and many of them return every season. We pride ourselves on the quality and range of accommodation that we can offer our guests.

Reservoirs of Mequinenza

Now, thirty years after its introduction and once the catfish has been acclimated, it is a recognized specie with its own regulation, quotas, fishing hours, etc. which is so important for the fishermen who like excitement and extreme fishing.


"From an early age, fishing has been for us more than a hobby. To it we have dedicated much of our free time and to it we owe much satisfaction and good times. In almost all of our life as fishermen and hunters, we have always tried to analyze the reason for each fishing situation, looking to each question for a logical explanation. We do not trust to luck but to know how to do things and learn both the habits of the fish and every corner of the places where you usually fish."

Valeriano Belles. Manager

Our Fishing Services

  • Catfishing in Spain

    Catfish is the primary target for anglers fishing at our specialist facilities, on the banks of Spain's Ebro River System. We have been helping fishermen smash their personal bests since 1988. A guided trip often means exploring the river on one of our powerful guide boats. We find our customers enjoy this active form of fishing and find it far more exciting than just sitting with a row of anglers on the bank.
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  • Carp fishing in Spain

    Carp are found throughout Spain, from large river systems and dammed reservoirs to intimate bays and lakes of unknown potential. The country has a history for producing 50lb wild carp and in recent years stocking will prove instrumental in the future of this sport, which is becoming increasingly popular to the extent that some of the biggest names in carp fishing are investing heavily in the Spanish Fishing Market.
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  • Zander fishing in Spain

    We now offer trolling for Zander or drift fishing, taking you out for the day all rods included plus all lures, you can bring some of your own to try if you wish. This has to be one of the best and most relaxing styles of fishing around. Not only do you get to see some superb fish landed, you also get to see parts of the river unseen by most of the anglers that travel to the Ebro.
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  • Deep Sea Fishing in Spain

    We offer you a chance to visit one of the most heavenly, beautiful and pristine enclaves still possible to find in Spain, the Natural Park of the Columbretes Islands. Here you will find groupers, scorpion fish, red scorpion fish, congers and morays. Other common species such as sea bass, guilthead and dentex, can also be found.
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Our Hunting Services

  • Ibex Hunt Spain

    On our website you will find the complete details of all the different adventures we can put at your disposal. IbexHuntSpain will make your hunting dreams come true, and you can rely on our team of professionals to attend to all your requests. Enjoy hunting the big game of Spain in their natural rugged environment, where you are surrounded by our ancient mountains and unforgettable landscapes. Along with a variety of top notch accommodations, another outstanding amenity we offer is the enjoyment in several exotic locales of our rich and varied gourmet dining.
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  • Driven Partridge

    It is normal to shoot Spanish partridges with double guns. Shooting guests are provided with a loader and secretario, and usually at least one dog. The loaders are very proficient and have been trained to load in the British way, standing to the side and slightly behind the gun, not sitting in front of him, pointing the gun upwards.
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  • Driven Pheasant

    A typical Pheasants driven hunt is when beaters drive the birds and enable you to shoot hundreds of them from one position. You will be assisted by our staff called ”secretarios” who supply cartridges, load the guns and pick up the birds while providing all kinds of comforts. This method of hunting is called “ojeo” in Spanish.
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  • Duck Shooting

    Unique in Europe, it is a private estate which has been organizing mallard duck hunting for more than 20 years in the tradition of the great English driven shoots. This hunt both surprises and appeals to hunters who like to shoot several hundred cartridges at high flying mallards.These birds fly at surprising heights, which means that only tightly choked guns are used. We offer only high quality, exclusive hunting organized and customizes to meet your specific demands. The hunting estate is open from September 1st to January 31st and can be booked for a single party of 3 to 12 hunters.
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  • Driven Hunt

    Since I was a little boy, my passion has been for shooting moving targets and this passion, which I still have, leads me to now arrange driven hunts for big and small game. Big deer or boar, pheasant, partridge or duck are some of the game we offer, but the most important thing, is to make sure the game is killed quickly, with only one shot and with the deepest respect.
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