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From an early age, fishing has been for us more than a hobby. To it we have dedicated much of our free time and to it we owe much satisfaction and good times. In almost all of our life as fishermen, we have always tried to analyze the reason for each fishing situation, looking to each question for a logical explanation.

We do not trust to luck but to know how to do things and learn both the habits of the fish and every corner of the places where you usually fish.

Catfish fishing in SpainCatfish fishing in Ebro

But if there is something out of this world around fishing that fascinates us, it is that every day you can learn something new, knowing that although we have learned much, much more remains to be learned.

Our intention with your trip is to teach that to catch one of these ''giants'' is not as difficult as it may seem and if you have a little of the experience gained during these 14 years of our fishing in the river Ebro, then this service is for all those fishermen who need it, so that fishing will be much easier and more enjoyable. - -

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